Puter still sick…. Oh well, too busy to bird right now anyways…

It wont be until friday until I hear whats wrong with my computer… I have not been birding much anyways… with no change in the weather, I have seen a majority of the birds in my area…. waiting for the next wave which I anticipate will be this weekend. Tree Swallows, rusty Blackbirds, Field Sparrows, Eastern Towhee,Eastern Phoebe, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Fox Sparrows, Forster’s Terns and a few others should be back in decent numbers very soon…..

As I sit here at my kitchen table drinking coffee, its 615am, dark outside and the Woodcock are calling like crazy… they have been doing there sky dance every morning and evening…. The odd thing is that when it gets warmer, they will do it a dusk and dawn and you can see them take off, do there dance and then come zooming back to earth at a million mile and hour and land…. but they only do it during lit hours when its a little warmer out…. You can sit out in the dark and know when they took off by the cool sounds they make when they are up in the air…. its just more fun to actually watch them…..

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