Computer Down…. No pics…. off to the repair shop

I went to Lk. St. Clair Metropark yesterday to meet up with Wayne Hoch. I have some camera equipment that I am selling and he wanted to try it out… So we walked the trails behind the Nature Ctr…. What a difference a year makes… Last year, spring was here in full force… who am I kidding… early summer was here… This year, winter refuses to let go of its grasp on us… It was cold but we walked theĀ  trails none the less…. We had an Imm Red-tailed Hawk put on a show for us as it pounced on something in the marsh just a few feet from us… The female Great Horned Owl was sitting up high in her nest and could easily be seen…. We had a fly over of a couple of Trumpeter/Tundra Swans… Other than the zillion Red-winged Blackbirds, there was not much else in the Marsh..

I got home and began downloading my pictures when I got the BSoD… thats the Blue Screen of Death… I worked all afternoon to see what that was about, but never did figure it out… so off to the shop to get it looked at…

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