Interesting Day

Headed out at dawn before work… I figured that I would run by Wolcott Mills Metropark and see If I could find a Pileated Woodpecker… As soon as I pulled up, I hear one call in the distance… I pulled out my binoculars and found it on a tree across from the entrance to the park off of Kuntsman Rd…. I snapped a couple of long distance shots and moved closer… It took off into the park and was not seen again… There were also a couple of Hairy Woodpeckers, Brown Creepers and some Golden-crowned Kinglets about…

From there I head toward Wetzel as it was in the direction of I-94 (my route to work)… I was hoping to see something…. maybe a shrike, maybe a Ring-necked Pheasant…. Yep, as luck would have it, there was a Rooster, Ring-necked Pheasant feeding in a field off of Omo Rd…. Not so common these days… that’s too bad… but Wetzel still holds a few…

On the Way down 27 mi Rd I took a detour up to 28 and Frost Rd and was going to see if I could find the Rough-legged Hawk that I had seen a few weeks before by Wetzel… Instead I found an Adult intermediate-morph Western Red-tailed Hawk or Rufous Morph sitting on top of a Telephone pole munching… I thought it was a Rough-legged at first, but the red tail was visible when it flew…. I came back later in the day before dark and it was still hanging around, but it was in the landfill area and inaccessible and so I could not get a close up photo…. I will be going back…. very cool looking Hawk…

Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker


4 thoughts on “Interesting Day

  1. Looks like you had a good day ! Cool looking Rufous Morph Redtail, I saw a beautiful one 3 years ago near Lake Erie Metopark, I couldn’t get close for any pictures . I had a good last two days with pictures of Lapland Longspurs, Snow Buntings, and Horned Larks.

  2. I was probably within 9 feet. I would really like to see one in full breeding plumage, but I don’t think they stick around here that long.
    Mike Dee

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