Budd Park – Carolina Wren

I have been wanting to see the resident Carolina Wrens at Budd Park for awhile… This is a little park along Clinton River Rd in Clinton Twp… Kevin Rysiewski has spent a good deal of time birding it and he always tells me about the wrens… So I headed there today… It took me awhile to find them on the Nature Trail that begins near the entrance to the park… The trail bifurcates about a 1/3 of a mile and they can be found in that area… I didn’t find them right away, but soon enough I heard one of them scolding me as I got close to the dead fall area that they were hanging out in….

Carolina wren

4 thoughts on “Budd Park – Carolina Wren

    • Thanks Mike… It was a little tricky in there with clouds… I had to shoot Iso 1250 and exposure comp at +1 just to get proper exposure…. Thanks goodness for Noise software… LOL!!

  1. guys watch for early yellow-rumps here as well, i found a small flock in february last year, this is also a suprisingly great spot for spring warblers, vireos, etc…

    • Thanks Eric!! My first time there… I really like this area… It looks like a great warbler trap…. I will be visiting it in the spring for sure…

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