End of the year get together…..

Tom Heatley, Kevin Rysiewski and I met for an End of the Year dinner last night….. I owed them both for helping me have a banner year in the county for 2012…. I work full time and thus my ability to being in the field and finding every bird on my list would have been impossible if it weren’t for the three of us “networking”…. In addition I received great info from Brian Mcgee and his daughter Marie, Wayne Hoch, Mike MencottiĀ and a few others….

It was a good time talking about all the different species that were seen between the three of us…. Unless some new birds are found in the next day or so, I ended up with 233 species for the year in Macomb County…. Kevin I believe is at 234 and Tom at 241….

I am not sure what I am going to do for 2013…. I have a new job that is going to eliminate most of my birding Mon – Fri except in the evenings…. I am thinking on not having a goal for any lists, but instead using my observation and sightings from 2012 and studying migration and breeding patterns of certain species in the county….

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