Only 1 week left in 2012

One week left and 2012 is history… I set out this year to do a Macomb County List for the first time… I am currently at 233 Species for the year, all of it documented on this blog and my old one (this current blog is a few months old… old blog link is on first page)….  Its been a great year because I spent so much time in the field, I really learned about the county…. I worked in tandem with some great birders, some very experienced and some newer to birding in the last 2 or 3 years…. We all worked together to see and share with each other on what we found…. it made for a fun year…. I will write a synopsis at the end of the year…. but I sit here on Christmas day debating on whether I should be checking Stoney Creek right now for a Snow Goose that still eludes me, or maybe some fields for a Rough-legged Hawk…..   No, I am gonna sit at home, enjoy the family and not worry too much about this week….  Unless Kevin or Tom call me with a rarity….. then I am gone…. LOL!!!

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