Early Morning Ducks – safe in the marsh

The North Marsh at Lk. St. Clair Metropark held some Northern Shovelers, Gadwall and a Green-winged Teal at dawn…. Bumped into Allen Chartier who was doing a bird survey… When he pulled up in his car and got out the flock took off, circled and came back to the same spot, so I was able to snap some photos in flight….  Also had a Northern Harrier at the DNR pointe as well as a flock of Snow Buntings… I was unable to view the flock of buntings for Lapland Longspurs as it was still quite dark….  off to work I went…..

Northern Shovelers

Northern Shovelers and friends in flight…

Northern Shoveler coming in for a landing

Green-winged Teal sitting by himself out in the marsh




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