Northern Shrike and Bohemian Waxwing…… Northern Macomb County

I decided to hit the road at sunrise before work and cover some of the country roads north of my house…. I turned on Omo off of 26 mile rd, just as the sun was rising, and within 3/4 of a mile I found a Northern Shrike sitting on top of a tree on the Wetzel State Park side of the rd…. It was still fairly dark, but there was no denying its silhouette…. I snapped a couple of photos as the sun was beginning to highlight the bird…. It flew closer to me near the road, and I used my car as a blind and snapped some photos out the driver side window….  I also found a Northern Shrike on Coon Creek Rd, near Armada…..  I checked out the housing area Southeast of Armada… Tom Heatley and Alan Ryff had found a Bohemian Waxwing there hanging with a group of Cedars…. I managed to relocate the flock and find the Bohemian (Hollweg and Franklin dr)…. I couldn’t photograph the bird because it was in someone’s backyard and I was already getting looks from the neighbors… Sure enough, the Police were called and the officer pulled up and asked me what I was doing…. I went into a lengthy discussion about the Waxwings and the drought in Northern Canada that produced a poor berry crop and how they were coming into the Northern USA this year in very good numbers…. etc….   He finally figured that a burglar couldn’t make up this much crap…. smiled and told me to have a nice day…. 🙂

Northern Shrike at dawn

Northern Shrike photographed out my car window

Northern Shrike photographed out my car window


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