Mockingbird at Sunset

Kevin Rysiewski and I have been scoping all the pines in our area of Macomb… We are looking for Red Crossbills… According to Ebird, this will be a good year to see them in Michigan and we both are trying to see them for our 2012 list… I got a text from Kevin tonite close to sunset that he was at Pine Valley Golf course in Macomb County at 31 mi and Romeo Plank checking out the pines on the course for Crossbills when he saw a bird perched on top of a pine…. Kevin looked thru his binoculars and lo and behold a Northern Mockingbird was on the course… I have never seen one in Michigan… I know that they are around and people in the Ann Arbor area see them regularly, but they are pretty uncommon in Macomb County… I hopped in my car and headed that way… I only live 10 minutes from this location…. I met Kevin at the club house and we headed out to where he found it…. It took about 30 minutes but we relocated the Northern Mockingbird (228) on the edge of the property, west of romeo plank…. I managed some pics as the sun was setting… I will go back when its bright outside….   The bird was approachable…. good thing the golf course was empty… Fore!!!!!!!

Northern Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbird


2 thoughts on “Mockingbird at Sunset

  1. What an unbelievable find! Even though my birding has been off again on again this year, I ‘ve really enjoyed following the adventures of Paul and Kevin! Keep up the good work! What a county we have eh?!!?

    • Eric, you are so correct!! Our county is great and under birded for sure… Its been an incredible year and just when I think we are done, we find something else….

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