Long-eared Owl at Stony Creek Inwood

Took a walk with Kevin Rysiewski and Wayne Hoch today to look for Long-eared Owls… We found one perched and flushed another… Wayne got on his stomach in the snow and shot up into the tree to get a decent photo and video… It was a lifer for him… I have been asked on how to find Long-eared owls… no formula except look in dense stands of pines or thickets in an area with plenty of mice and voles to eat and hopefully you will get lucky…

video by wayne hoch below

Long-eared Owl

Long-eared Owl

3 thoughts on “Long-eared Owl at Stony Creek Inwood

  1. Did you find the Long-eared Owl on Inwood Road, or along one of the trails branching of Inwood road? This would be very helpful. Thankyou!

    • Jacob, they were in the middle of the inwood area off of the trails… its about 3/4 mile back from inwood rd… its hard to give exact location because its in the middle of the woods, but look for tight groupings of evergreens.. thats where they are roosting…

  2. I was wondering what section of trail you were hiking in Stony Creek when you came across the Long-eared Owls? I was out there hiking the Inwood trails for hours, looking at all the pine trees and did not locate any owls. If you have a Stony Creek trail map, I hiked the Inwood trail from Markers A-B-C-P-Q-D-E-I-H-F-E-D and back to the parking lot at A. Also, what time of day did you see them? Thanks for your help, Denise

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