Northern Shrike – Macomb County

This morning, right after day break I traveled my usual route of Omo Rd and Werderman before heading to work. Today I came upon a Northern Shrike on Omo, north of 26 mi Rd. This is my second Shrike of the year and its only November. In 2012 I had 6 Northern Shrike sightings for the year…   Later on in the day while I was at work, I received messages that Tom Hince had found a Pomarine Yeager at Brandenburg Park in Chesterfield Twp… I was so bummed out that I could not leave… What a great bird!!

Northern Shrike

Northern Shrike

2 thoughts on “Northern Shrike – Macomb County

  1. Hi Paul,

    Do you have any tips on finding Shrikes? In my reading it seems they prefer shorter trees/pines at the edges of clearings and farmland. I live in Lapeer and drove around quite a bit of the county in search of these birds on Sunday to no avail. I was just wondering if you know of any additional natural/ecological markers that I should be looking for to increase my chances of finding them. Thank you for your help!

    • Chris, you are on the right track. I cruise the farm roads and look in the distance for birds perched toward the top of trees.. I also find them sitting on wires and even fences… They move around quite a bit and don’t stay in one area for too long in the winter, so keep looking.

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