Macomb Audubon Christmas Count 12-14-13

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the Macomb Audubon Christmas Count… This year I tagged along with Joanna Pease, Alan Ryff and Vikki Jones as we covered the Wolcott Mills Metropark area… Of course the count occured on the first big snow storm of the year and this made birding difficult… Our team had 31 species for the day highlighted by a Northern Harrier at 30 mi , west of Kuntsman Rd… We also had 3 Swamp Sparrows north of 28 mile and Teller… At first light we managed to get 7 Eastern Screech Owls to answer our call… Very Cool…. Joanna and Alan had to leave around 2pm and I headed over to Wolcott Mills Metropark to walk the trails and managed to find a Belted Kingfisher and the second pair of Northern Flickers for the day..   The day ended with a Talley at Stony Creek Metropark Nature Center….. Great time as always, and I especially enjoyed the company I was with this year…. Great Birders with a wealth of knowledge…

3 thoughts on “Macomb Audubon Christmas Count 12-14-13

  1. I did the count with Oakland Audubon and had a blast for my first ever CBC experience. It sure was a challenge to find birds in that snowstorm, but my team ended up with 29 species (in the Bald Mountain area). Highlights included Hermit Thrush, Swamp Sparrow, and Great Blue Heron. Our entire count circle ended up with, I think, 63 species. Good times!

    • Thats Great Kim! I enjoy doing the count, but I could have done without the storm… We also got 3 Swamp Sparrows…. I get one or two most years in Winter in the proper habitat… a few will stick around..

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