Finally a Pine Siskin…..

Birded at Stoney Creek Metropark today… My plan was to start at the Nature Ctr and look for Pine Siskins (66) in the feeder… they have been seen there on a regualar basis, but I have missed them… Not today… it took about 10 minutes and they showed up…. I shot a photo thru the Glass….

Pine Siskin

next I headed for the East lake trails.. these go behind the Osprey trails… years ago it was called the “special nature study area”…. I love this area… not birded often, but really great habitat with a mix of pine, hardwood and thick scrubby area…. This has been the best place in Macomb County IMO to find Ruffed Grouse…. I headed down the ABCD trail… it forks and if you follow the thinner trail to the right that will eventually lead you up into the pines bordering the lake, you may flush a grouse…. before the trail begins to climb there is a thick nasty area… reminds me of Northern Michigan… I walked along the path, and listened for drumming or any other call notes… nothing… after 20 minutes I played a grouse distress call and boom!! a Ruffed Grouse (67) flushed!! I love the sound of a grouse flushing in the woods… There are not many in the park, but they can be found with patience….. all other birds seen were the usuals, although I found 3 Northern Flickers…. thats 6 Flickers since Jan 1…. with the mild winter, they have really been hanging around…..

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