Well I missed some good birds!!! Arrrghhh!! American Avocets

I was out of the area on Thursday when I got a text from Kevin that several American Avocets were at Stoney Creek Eastwood Beach…. Wow, that is one cool sighting… Unfortunalty I was unable to get there and by Friday morning they were gone…. I did get a couple of photos that Kevin took to post on my blog and a link to his video….

American Avocet

American Avocet



American Golden Plover – I love it when a plan comes together..

Kevin Rysiewski and I have been eyeballing the Sod farms near my house the last few weeks…. The Killdeers have been collecting there in good numbers preparing for the journey south and it looks like a great place to find migrating plovers…. I got an email around noon from Kevin stating that he thought he had a Black-bellied Plover this am, but after reviewing his photos, he thinks it was a Golden….  One look at his photo and I was in my car heading that way…. It was an American Golden Plover, number 223 on my county list for the year….

Now the bad news…. My camera broke on Friday and I have to send it in for repairs… so no photos for me…. Thankfully Tom Heatley and Kevin both loaned me a few that they took to day… As the one photo that Tom took shows, no black patch on the axillary area as the bird lifts its wing…..   The heat waves were intense coming off of the freshly plowed field so there is some distortion in the photos…..

American Golden Plover